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We have a large stock of products in our 40.000m2​wharehouse .

By having our Own Quarry, we can ensure a continuous and stable supply.

Wide variety of sizes and colors in these decorative aggregates that, when crushed, offer a rustic and natural appearance.

Availability for washing the material, making the color of the stone look more intense.

This material originates from the fragmentation of the different rocks of the earth’s crust, either naturally (river gravels) or artificially (the rest).

Both one and the other are stones of rounded shapes, variable size and color.

We manufacture concrete blocks so that you can build anything with them: walls, enclosures, division of areas… Incredibly resistant!

Available in different sizes and finishes on its visible face.

Transport to site and quick assembly with crane service.

Our offer is continually adapting and renewing, each of these pieces is exclusive, giving your garden a more personal character.

Slate, stone or marble panel which, due to its finish, texture and colour, can be used in the decoration of almost any construction element

These large natural stones, extracted directly from mountains and with their whimsical shapes, are almost like sculptures; hence their ornamental value in gardens, roundabouts…

Used for the production of terrazzo, artificial stone, plaster and mortar, on golf courses, sports fields, paths and gardens, etc.

Mixture from the crushing of limestone aggregates. Material free of clays and high sand equivalent. Suitable material as a pavement layer.

Totally natural and biodegradable bark. In addition to its decorative effect in parks and landscaped areas, it is also functional: it prevents the appearance of “weeds”, maintains the humidity of the soil and prevents erosion…

Available in various colors and grain sizes. Widely used on roads, tennis courts, football pitches, riding schools, bullrings…

Pozzolana is the name given to volcanic ash, which was exploited as far back as Roman times. Good drainage and low weight density.

Unworked or irregularly shaped stone masonry for making walls, margins, facades, etc.

Available in various colors.

Naturally hollowed out by erosion over millions of years, they present irregular shapes with a high ornamental value. Available in a reddish shade.

We have reclaimed sleepers and dyed ecological sleepers (treated with environmentally friendly products). Both have an excellent outdoor durability.


Natural Stone Specialists

It is necessary to bear in mind that stone is a natural product and, therefore, its texture and tonality are susceptible to slight variations.