Carretera Novelda-La Romana, Km. 10 - 03669 La Romana (Alicante)



Over time, listening to the needs of our customers and incorporating new technologies, we can offer a wide range of options for interior and exterior decoration, with a large and stable stock as we have our own quarry.

Red Stone Wall

Garden decorated with various materials (crushed marble, dust, stones and sleepers).

Garden decorated with giant stones, volcanic pozzolana and flagstones.

Garden decorated with volcanic pozzolana, dark green crushed marble and sleepers.

Drawing made with crushed marble and compacted with acrylic resin.

Waterfall made with rockery and boulders.

Terrace decorated with volcanic pozzolana, crushed marble and rockery stone.

Interior decorated with boulders.

Interior decorated with silica pebbles, river gravel and crushed marble.

Roundabout decorated with crushed marble drawings.

Façade made with crushed marble from No. 2.

Detail of façade made with crushed marble No. 2.

Red-Alicante crushed marble asphalt.

Red-Alicante No. 8 crushed marble and pine bark (Parador de la Alhambra in Granada).

Crushed Red-Alicante and green porphyry marble No. 6/7 at the Tossal de Manises Archaeological Site,